» Is This An Adventure?
Is This An Adventure?

What does an adventure look like? Many men might describe several kinds of different experiences as an adventure – i.e. repelling a cliff, white water rafting, a wilderness trip, participation in a sporting event, and any number of other activities. I would also agree, all of the above certainly fit the category of “Adventure.”

However, if I were to say PIANO and attach adventure to it, would this fit the typical meaning of adventure?

In January of ’06, I decided to journey to Florida for a four week course learning to play the piano. I went to the Players School of Music where I studied piano along with a program in music. Since then, I have been on the journey of my life. Back to school twice completing a total of one and a half semesters.

In February of ’09, I intend to go back and finish my second semester. During the last couple of years, I have participated in four piano camps where I have met so many wonderful people who live in the world of piano and music. I have played and sung at recitals, and for me the journey has just begun.

Last year I met a wonderful woman, Nancy, at camp and today we play wonderful music together. I wake up everyday looking to learn more about this passion that has so awakened my life. Yes, an adventure for sure. Although it may not be typical, it certainly has been, and continues to be a wonderful journey, and exciting “Adventure.”
Written by: Joe Spadavecchia