» Founder’s Insight on Intensive Weekend
Founder’s Insight on Intensive Weekend

On a beautiful April weekend, nineteen men came together to explore various notions of masculinity.The weekend intensive was entitled The Men of Many Faces. It was designed to widen and deepen the expression and awareness of our masculine self. If the weekend accomplished its goal,men would become aware of some part of themselves that was seldom or never opened to the eyes and ears of other men.

Some men were afraid to reveal, some men too self-critical and some men were feeling prepared to explore but not sure where to go.

“As the talk and experiences flowed through the hours, all the men found themselves opening up to something inside that had been lurking in the shadow.”

And when the whatever it was found the light of day, men became comfortable, eager, playful, and less burdened.Trust was at it’s zenith as the power of M3’s only rule took hold. NO MAN SHAMES ANOTHER MAN.

By the end of the weekend, something very real and important had been witnessed. Men found love and acceptance in their hearts and masculinity took on a new face; a face of pride and ownership covered in a layer of authentic validation. We discovered new fathers and brothers in the men who dared to go deep inside the magic of friendship.
Ed Adams, Founder Men Mentoring Men