Q: What are our men’s support group meeting’s like?
A: Each meeting is held in an private conference room in either Lambertville, NJ or Somerville NJ. There are meetings most nights of the week. They are held every OTHER week.

Q: Why are the meeting important?
A: Often we find that men are great about talking about sports or current events but have trouble talking about the things that really mean something in their lives. So each meeting is facilitated to be sure that men who are interested in discussion are given the opportunity.

Q: Will the group give me advice?
As a group we listen to each man without judgment. And if you want wisdom or feedback from other group members, then a discussion may be appropriate. Take what works for you, leave the rest behind.

Q: When are the meetings?
A: The meetings are usually from 7:30-10 PM. One night every other week. Currently there are groups meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. But we know that doesn’t always work, so get here when you can, and leave when you must.

Q: Am I required to share and participate?
A: No. , participation is not mandatory. Sometimes in the beginning it’s more comfortable to listen until you get a feel for the group. No one is pushing you.

Q: Is this a therapy group?
A. No, This is not therapy. We are NOT a counseling or psychological treatment center.

Q: Is this open to all men?
Yes. All men are equally valued and honored. However you must be a legal adult, and over 21.

Q: How do I get started?
A: Give us a call. Someone from our group will call you to answer any questions, and if you feel it works for you, you can attend at any time.

Let’s talk. Simply give us a call at 908-707-0774 (if you receive the answering machine please leave your name, number and good time to reach you) or CONTACT US.