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Divorce & Men

Relationships for men as husbands, fathers, dads and friends occupy great deal of our time. Relationships with those we love is one of the most satisfying areas of our lives. And all add significance to our experience as men. In our experience divorce can be one of the most difficult time in a man’s’ life. And just when he needs support the most, he may find he has few male friends who understand.

The consequences of divorce as we all have seen, are often life altering, devastating, and emotionally overwhelming. There are many articles on this website dealing with divorce, yet it is still different and unique for every man going through divorce.

A topic discussed often is parenting through a divorce. The desire for most men to be the best father’s and dads that they can be is powerful and strong. And we honor that. Men Mentoring Men offers wisdom from those who have been divorced. What has worked for them. And often things they wish they had done differently. This wisdom is available to you. How you handle yourself often becomes key in how your children learn to manage through the divorce. There are no judgments, only decisions to be made. Maybe listening to other men’s experiences may help. It is our intention that we be of service to you as you walk your journey.