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Dr. Ed Adams Interview

World of Work Radio interview from 2012, Dr. Ed Adams talks about the organization he founded, Men Mentoring Men, and how being an artist influences his work as a psychotherapist.

Be sure to listen to both Parts 1 and 2.


Founder’s Insight on Intensive Weekend

On a beautiful April weekend, nineteen men came together to explore various notions of masculinity.The weekend intensive was entitled The Men of Many Faces. It was designed to widen and deepen the expression and awareness of our masculine self. If the weekend accomplished its goal,men would become aware of some part of themselves that was seldom or never opened to the eyes and ears of other men.


The Hollowed Out Man

A man might walk into my therapy office feeling broken, depressed, and detached. His explanation for his bleak emotional state might focus on the usual suspects. I am not really happy in my relationship- I hate my job. I am getting older and I feel like my life is passing me by. No dream I held has come true.

He might go on telling me all the things he did to fix his life, but found nothing worked.