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About Us
Our Mission Statement

Men Mentoring Men is a self-sustaining council of thoughtful men dedicated to participation in and appreciation of the triumphs and failures of life’s journey by enriching the lives of each other, those we love and the community at large. Mentoring is an honest and shameless exchange of acquired wisdom encompassing the exploration of the myth, mystery and magic of life.

When it all began…

In 1991, a few men were invited by Dr. Ed Adams, a practicing psychologist, to meet and discuss topics relevant to men. The men who participated had a common need; to be in the company of other thoughtful men willing to share and exchange ideas and personal life experiences. The men recognized what a unique opportunity it was to be in the company of men without fear of shame or competition.

In time, the experience so empowered the men that a not-for-profit corporation called MEN MENTORING MEN or M3 was formed as a vehicle to extend this opportunity to a wider male audience. Today, membership consists of men from different races, creeds and backgrounds united in a single belief that men can expand the idea of masculinity beyond traditional stereotypes and be a living,dynamic reality.


In 1996 Men Mentoring Men became an official nonprofit organization dedicated to the expansion of masculinity. What started out as a small group of men looking to share their life experiences, began to evolve and grow into a group that needed a more structured and organized framework to ensure its ongoing success. With the inception of our nonprofit a Board of Trustees was formed and from those trustees an Executive Board was voted in. These men help to provide vision and give voice to our organization both internally, and externally within our expanded families and communities.

Current Leadership of Men Mentoring Men:

• President: David Malchman
• President Elect: not filled
• Secretary: Adam Wasserman
• Treasurer: Rick Braun
• Membership Chairman: Lou Wagman and Bob Craig
• Events Chairman: Doug Schon

What Men Say

Comments from Men:

“I found the time I spend at the M3 meetings to be food for my soul.” – Allen

“Whenever I need support and counsel these men were right here for me.” – Vic

“It took 46 years for me to find out that going deep inside and helping others is a huge part of what manhood is all about.” – Greg

“After participating in the annual fishing trip to Canada, I realized it was not about the fishing.” – Ira