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M3 Weekend Intensive on June 6-8, 2014

Please join us for a weekend workshop on June 6-8 in Morristown, NJ!

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A Men’s Center…

A discussion and support group for men sharing our wisdom with each other in NJ and PA. To join or for more information call us in NJ at 908-707-0774

Men Mentoring Men : An Experiment That Works
I have long believed that traditional definitions of masculinity are too narrow and shallow to encourage full and creative expression of the masculine. Seventeen years ago I began meeting with men to explore what it means to be thoughtful about their lives as men. These meetings evolved by “word-of mouth” into Men Mentoring Men (M3), a not-for-profit organization that provides a unique, empowering, and seasoned structure to support and expand men committed to being thoughtful about exploring the best of masculinity in their personal and professional lives. We believe that a happy man is one who is fulfilled in his own expansive definitions of masculinity. The day of limiting the expression of masculinity to “provider” and/or “warrior” is no longer viable.
Mission of M3:
The mission of M3 is simple and direct. M3 is designed to provide a safe and shameless experience for men to discuss, share, explore, and live inside the best of masculinity. Men are encouraged to broaden their imagination of masculinity to include fulfilling and expressing a broad spectrum of emotional needs, desires, and capabilities. The best of masculinity includes many of the values identified by positive psychology that promote living a full and happy life . One of our recent discussions focused on the relationship between strength of character and the best of masculinity. The men spoke with pride of being healers, fathers, defenders, protectors, creators, builders, playmates, lovers, visionaries, intimate partners, and wise elders. Click here to learn more about how it works

Check out our new Book
“Fathering Through Divorce”

Fathering Through Divorce: A Handbook for Men Dealing with Divorce and its Impact on Parenting

Inspired by a grant from one of its trustees, Men Mentoring Men (M3) recently produced a book and seminar series on the challenges men face during and after the divorce process. M3 is a not for profit organization dedicated to re-defining the concept of masculinity. Through support group meetings and educational efforts M3 enhances the lives of individual men, their families and the community at large.
The book, “Fathering Through Divorce: A Handbook For Men Dealing With Divorce And Its Impact on Parenting,” written by Carol Patton, combines research, tips and personal stories to inform and support men through the stressful and potentially destructive experience of divorce. “Fathering Through Divorce” helps men plot a personal course to recover from divorce – mentally, emotionally and financially – and to empower them to lead a full life as a man and as a parent.

Click here to order the book or find out additional information.